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To brand your new eyelash collection, you can design custom eyelash labels. These stickers are made of waterproof vinyl that is resistant to extreme temperatures and is a great way to increase traffic to your social media accounts. Using clear stickers on your eyelash labels makes it easy to add your Instagram handle. You can even add them to glass jars to increase visibility of your brand. To customize the labels, you can choose different designs and colors, such as gold foil lettering and modern black ink.

Custom eyelash labels are an excellent cost-saving alternative. Not only will your customers notice these eyelashes, but their box will also be attractive. Marketing is the easiest way to get customers to hoard around your product. This is the outer appearance, and it is the first thing they see when they see it. Therefore, choose a unique design that will catch their attention. This will also increase the grade of your eyelashes. Custom eyelash labels are available in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to showcase the product in its best light.


    Make Your Own Eyelash Labels

    Whether you are looking for die-cut or round labels, you are in luck. Many companies offer die-cut stickers for eyelash labels. These are typically 2.5cm (or 0.98 inches) in diameter, but you can get them in any shape you desire. Embedded inserts and glitter eyelash labels can also be customized. If you want to make your own eyelash labels, follow these simple steps. Here are the best methods to make your own eyelash labels.

    Die-cut eyelash labels

    When designing your die-cut eyelash labels, consider what kind of materials you’ll need for the labels. Cardstock and sticker paper are both suitable materials for labelling products. To enhance brand visibility, consider adding extras like a silver substrate. Many die-cut eyelash labels also feature a custom shape to fit the labels. For example, you can design a circle-shaped box for the labels of mascara. You can also opt for a square-shaped box for the labels of lash curlers.

    A custom labels plays a vital role in customer experience. Adding a custom box to your eyelash labels will increase the customer’s confidence in you and your product. Moreover, your customers will remember your brand each time they remove their eyelashes. Custom-made labels will add a personalized touch to their shopping experience. The size of the labels box is measured in inches, so that your product will fit inside. Die-cut eyelash labels can also be produced with the same dimensions.

    When designing your custom labels, consider the type of shape you want to create. Are you after a rectangle or an oval shape? Or do you want something a little more adventurous? Die-cut eyelash labels can make your labels stand out! Lightning Labels offers many die shapes. You can select the shape you want by uploading a to-scale PDF file. A to-scale PDF file will ensure your artwork is perfectly sized.

    Customized eyelash labels are a great way to save money and enhance customer experience. In addition to the labels, custom eyelash labels help you save money while maximizing brand exposure. The box’s outer appearance is a crucial part of marketing, and it will be the first thing your customers notice when they buy your product. So make sure to choose a box that is perfect for eyelash labels. You won’t regret it!

    Embedded inserts

    One of the key factors in increasing sales is customization. Whether it is color schemes, box designs, or add-ons, customizations play an important role in attracting potential customers. Eyelash labels can contain embedded inserts that keep the lashes safe and protected while being sold. In addition to a unique design, these inserts allow multiple pairs of lashes to be sold without compromising the quality of each pair.

    Because eyelashes are delicate, it is important to be cautious during their production, marketing, and sale. Improper storage can also result in damage. Custom labels is therefore an essential requirement to maintain the quality of eyelashes. In addition to a window, eyelash labels should be laminated to prevent dust from gathering inside the eyelash box. In addition to ensuring safety, custom eyelash labels can include a logo or slogan that is relevant to the brand’s mission and vision.


    The glitter paper is a beautiful way to package your eyelashes. These custom eyelash labels can feature your company logo and name, as well as several colors of glitter. They are also ideal for storing eyelashes as they are protected by a transparent plastic cover. These labels are available in various sizes and colors and will stand out from your competitors. There are also many ways to customize them, including adding a logo or private label.

    One popular option for custom eyelash labels is glitter-coated magnetic eyelash cases. These are a popular choice among lash consumers and are available in several different colors. Glitter-coated magnetic eyelash labels is another great option, and it is available in different colors and textures. For more versatility, consider customizing your eyelash labels by incorporating your company logo or private label. For even more flair, you can choose glitter-coated magnetic eyelash labels.

    Acrylic round lash box

    If you want to promote your brand, consider using acrylic round lashes labels. These eyelash labels are lightweight, convenient and can be printed with your LOGO or slogan. Moreover, they can help you save freight cost and are an ideal gift for your friends and customers. You can also personalize the box by placing your logo on it or choosing a custom pattern. Depending on your preferences, you can use butterflies, roses or trees for your lash case.

    If you are selling eyelashes, you may want to use a custom-designed box to store them. Acrylic round lash labels have a small volume and a flat surface, which means your logo and business name will be visible from a distance. You can also add your social media profile links to your box. If you’re selling a product that is popular among women, you can print your Facebook and Twitter handles to reach potential customers.

    The best selling eyelash labels come in a round shape, including the popular acrylic lashes box with a mirror. If you are selling lashes online, you can purchase custom eyelash labels that can be customized for a small investment. You can test your design with low quantities, update it, and improve it over time. The more customized your eyelash box is, the more sales you will generate. The more customers you attract, the more profits you will make.

    Custom eyelash labels are not only attractive, but they also protect the eyelashes. They come in various colors, patterns, and inner lash labels. Custom eyelash labels can be printed with your logo, company name, or social media information. With a low minimum order quantity and quality-controlled production process, you can make your own custom eyelash labels. They can even be personalized to fit your brand’s identity.

    EC64-66 lash box

    If you are looking for the perfect labels for your eyelash products, you should invest in EC64-66 lashes labels. They are made of special paper that allows customers to see the eyelashes without having to open them. Specialty papers are also made with different fibers for special functions. You can also choose from four-color and spot color printing. However, spot color printing is more delicate than four-color printing. The color that you choose for your custom lash box should be as subtle as possible.

    EC64-66 lash labels have clear windows that make them easier to see. These labels come in various shapes and sizes, and can hold one pair of eyelashes. Some of these labels can also be customized with a private label sticker to make them more attractive. The clear plastic labels also make it easier to carry. The EC64-66 lash labels come with a handle for easy transport.

    The EC64-66 lash labels are also available in drawer style, which makes it convenient for customers to open and close them. This drawer-style eyelash box can have a silk ribbon on the front to help customers easily lift them out. You can also choose a color for the lift ribbon, which will match the other aspects of your labels. The surface of the box can be decorated with various styles, such as glitter, holographic, or money and US dollar patterns.


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